Welcome to the Nest Field Test Project! We received quite a few applications and are excited you were selected to participate in the Nest Field Test! The following is a general overview of Nest Field Testing, methods for contacting us, resources available to you and reminders about your participation.

Please familiarize yourself with our field testing portal. Welcome!


We will be sending you a unreleased version of Nest products so please remember that all materials and information provided as part of the Field Test are covered under our Participation Agreement.

Contacting You

Our primary communication vehicle is email. We try to maintain a small volume of outgoing emails so as not to overwhelm your inbox with too many messages from us. If you receive an email from us, generally we need your participation in the project and some action may need to be taken on your part.

  • New Nest mobile applications - We provide several means for you to install the very latest qualified version of the Nest mobile apps. We will notify via email when we need you to install a new revision. The email will include links allowing you to open the email on your mobile device and install directly from there.
  • New survey to complete - We publish surveys occasionally asking for your feedback. If so, we will send you an email with instructions for accessing the survey, an explanation of what the survey topic is and when we are looking for your feedback.
  • If we make substantial changes to the field testing web site, we will keep you abreast of those modifications and new tools available.

Test Platforms

Your Test Platforms are additional information we would like available to diagnose issues you may encounter. Additionally, it provides us tools for setting up specific tasks based upon the type of equipment you may have. The categories of Test Platforms you will find include:

  • Personal Computer: Desktop(s) or Laptop(s) used to field test products.
  • Mobile Device: Mobile device(s) used to field test products.
  • Home Internet Connection: Your home Internet connection and wireless network.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility options you take advantage of with your mobile device(s) and/or personal computer(s).
  • Nest Thermostat Serial Number: Serial Number(s) of your Nest Thermostats
  • Nest Cam or Dropcam Serial Number: Serial Number(s) of your Nest Cam or Dropcam Serial Number
  • Nest Protect(s): Serial Number(s) of your Nest Protects
  • Nest FT Account Email: The email address used to log into your Field Test Account.
  • Nest MyEnergy Account: Do you have a MyEnergy account, and if so what is the account name?

It should only take a moment to browse through this information and update any fields not reflecting the correct information. To access your Test Platforms:


Over the course of the Nest field test program, please remember to keep Nest testing information private as agreed upon in the non-disclosure agreement. Examples of activities not permitted:

  • Discussing the Nest Field Test program with non-field testers
  • Posting any pictures or videos of Nest hardware or software to social media sites
  • Posting any Nest field test information to social media sites
  • Submitting any Nest product reviews based upon your Nest Field Test experience